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6 Ways to Save Money & Cut Costs When Buying A New Build

A new build home can quickly add up, depending on your lot size, floor plan, home builder, and the design upgrades you make.

Here are 6 ways to save money and cut down on costs when buying a new build home:

1. Set a budget. Determine how much you can afford to spend on a new build home, communicate your budget with your builder, and stick to it!

2. Choosing a smaller floor plan is a great way to save money (or to give you the flexibility to spend a little extra on design upgrades).

3. Save where you can! For instance, high-quality luxury vinyl flooring is a great way to get the look of hardwood floors without the expensive price tag. You can always go cheap and upgrade later!

4. Know when to splurge. Outdoor living spaces, energy-efficient appliances, home offices, and updated kitchens are some of the features homebuyers look for in a home (which means that these upgrades will have a great return on investment)

5. Look at different builder options to find a reputable and respected one in your area. Research and compare a few different home builders before choosing the right one for you!

6. Avoid making change orders, as they can quickly add thousands of dollars to your final cost!

Interested in buying a new build home? We'd love to work with you and guide you through the process! Send us a DM, and we'll be in touch!

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