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How to Prepare For An Open House

Hosting an open house is a great way to increase visibility, receive feedback, and bring in more potential buyers.

It is a valuable marketing tool that can increase your chances of selling your home quickly and for the best possible price!

Here are a few things every seller should do to prepare for an open house:

✓ Turn on all the lights, open shutters + curtains, and let in as much light as possible

✓ Lock up valuable items in a safe or take them with you

✓ Get rid of knick-knacks and declutter as much as possible

✓ Light a candle or use an oil diffuser

✓ Make all the beds

✓ Empty all the trash cans in the house

✓ Put away pet food bowls, litter boxes, toys, and other pet items

✓ Depersonalize your home by putting away family photos and other personal items

✓ Bring your pets with you when you leave

✓ Set the thermostat to a reasonable temperature

Considering selling your home this year? Now is a great time to start the process and get your house ready to sell. We'd love to work with you! Let's connect — send us a DM!



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