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Legal Concerns

Selecting a lawyer can be a frustrating task if you don’t already have one you know and trust. If this is the case, Tim knows many reputable lawyers in the area. Your lawyer will take care of all necessary legal procedures to implement your agreement of purchase and sale. The lawyer will conduct a title search and prepare all necessary documentation, such as deeds, charges, discharges, registrations, ect. They complete the closing. Their function is to make sure that all the terms of your agreement are met. If a problem should arise, your lawyer will represent you.

Most lawyers charge a set fee, plus disbursements. As in any other industry, fees vary from one lawyer to the next, based on experience and credentials. Tim has put together a rough guideline of what you can expect to pay in the way of disbursements and fees.

  • Tax Certificate: $50

  • Documents at Registry: $15-$55

  • Conveyance at Closing: $75

  • Executions: $11/ Name

  • Register Deeds: $50

  • Register Mortgages: $50

  • Estoppel Certificate (For Condominiums Only) Plus GST

  • Land Transfer Tax (LTT)

   (subject to change)

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