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5 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Home During The Holidays!

Sounds crazy. right? But, hang in there with us — here are 5 reasons to consider selling your home during the holidays!

1. Less competition

A lot of sellers will wait until springtime, or at least until the new year, to put their house up for sale. Sellers will face less competition during the holiday season. Your home will instantly stand out on the market, as buyers will have fewer houses to choose from around the holidays.

2. More serious buyers

Anyone shopping for a home between Halloween and the New Year is likely to be a serious buyer. If your house is up for sale in November or December and someone is looking at it, chances are they are a very motivated buyer and aren't just house hunting for the fun of it

3. A potentially quicker sale

Not only are buyers likely motivated and looking to move quickly around the holiday season, but lenders, realtors, title agents, brokers, and even inspectors are often determined to get a deal done before the holiday festivities begin. As a seller, this could speed up the sale of your home and make things move faster!

4. Your home looks its best during the holidays

Holiday decorations instantly make a house feel like home. Use the cold, dreary weather outside to your advantage by creating a warm, inviting, cozy environment to make potential buyers feel right at home. Overpowering your home with holiday cheer could overwhelm buyers or turn them off, so keep it tasteful. A wreath hung on the front door, garland around the staircase, a minimally decorated tree, and some freshly baked cookies on the counter would be a great place to start!

5. Showing times could be more convenient

A majority of people take time off around the holidays or have more downtime at work, so it’ll most likely be easier to coordinate showings that work for both parties.

Looking to get the selling process started? Send us a message — we’d love to answer your questions and chat more with you!




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