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Bay Of Quinte Market Update | January

The average List-to-Sale Price Ratio for the beginning of 2023 is 97.1%. Many homes that have been new to the market for the beginning of this year are selling for slightly under asking price (3 percent less than).

Comparing this to the beginning of 2022, properties were selling for 116% of list price. The majority of homes on the market sold for way over asking price.


$855,989 | +9.6%

Properties Sold: 9

Average Days on the Market 67

Change in Value 9.6%

Quinte West

$511,556 | -22.2%

Properties Sold: 35

Average Days on the Market 36

Change in Value -23.6%


$548,632 | -16.8% Properties Sold: 40

Average Days on the Market 38

Change in Value -16.2%


$539,950 | -13.2%

Properties Sold: 2

Average Days on the Market 68

Change in Value -13.2%

*Stats are from January 2023. ITso Real Estate.


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