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Here are 10 Reasons why you should consider a backyard pool!

Starting to smell like summer which means pool season is quickly approaching.

Are you reluctant about adding a pool to your backyard? Or buying a house with one - Like 147 Lemoine St, Belleville we have currently listed. Here are 10 Reasons why you should consider a backyard pool!

1. Adds value to your home

Many real estate agents believe that the properties with a swimming pool have a 15 percent higher market value than those who do not have a pool. Thus, having a pool will only appreciate the value of your home and fetch you a better sum on the return of your investment.

2. Improve your home’s aesthetics

First impressions are usually the last ones. Let your home’s first impression be impeccable by adding a backyard pool. Pools portray the idea of lavish living. No matter which pool design you choose, it will always blend in well with the aesthetics of your home and will make it more profound.

3. Spend quality time with your family

Having a pool will only encourage all your family members to come together around it to spend quality family time. This will enable you to build memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

4. Fewer vacations needed

There are many vacations that we monetarily repent. You do not have to go through the same pain if you merely install an exquisite pool design. With a pool in your backyard, you can have an exotic place to spend your vacation, at your home! This will cut down on your travelling cost and other related stress.

5. Great for families with children

Children love to splash and play in the water. Adding a pool, will not only allow them to have more fun but it is also said to develop some great interpersonal and cognitive skills in them, making them sharper and smarter.

6. Relaxation and distressing

Our lives have become complex, due to which we have an extensive range of stress to deal with it. Culminate all these problems and stress with a quick swim in your backyard pool. You can also add features such as a pool heater or a hot tub, that can provide a hot water swim to help you relax and swim away from your daily stress easily. This will also help you to sleep better.

7. Create An Outdoor Resort At Home

There are several pool designs to choose from, and they each have a unique appeal. The pool design along with the backyard design can amalgamate to create a picturesque outdoor experience. This will let you have your own personal outdoor resort at home.

8. Host Parties

Let your home be the trendiest place to be by installing a swimming pool. Pool parties tend to be more popular, even when people aren’t swimming in it. It acts as a party central as people are always around it. To have a more luxurious tone to your backyard, you can also install waterfalls and fountains while choosing a suitable swimming pool design.

9. Save Some Money

There are many who are scared of installing a pool, due to the amount of attention it needs in terms of maintenance and upkeep. Let us tell you something. Maintaining a pool is not that tedious and will not be heavy on your pocket. Pool structures are sturdy and durable, making them last longer. This is especially great for big families as the pools are less expensive in the long run and can serve as a great entertaining place.

10. Long Lasting Fun

Pool, in general, stands strong against the test of time, and so is a functional and quality investment. A visit or a vacation might end but a pool will still deliver some beautiful memories, without any hassle.


📍147 LEMOINE Street, Belleville, Ontario K8P 4H3

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