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We all know the benefits of indoor plants; helping to purify the air around us and reduce stress and anxiety but did you know they can actually help to sell your home.

Here’s how:
  • Beautiful for first impressions. Plants can make your space happier, healthier and more inviting at first glance.

  • Create a sense of scale. Large plants with skinny trucks and medium sized foliage such as fiddle leaf figs and snake plants (or if you want to get technical, Sansevieria Trifasciata), can help potential buyers sense how high the ceilings are and just how much floor space the room has.

  • Bring the outdoors in. Indoor greenery can help to create some visual depth opening up the space and bringing the outdoors in.

  • Create a focal point. Plants can be great space fillers, or perfect finishing pieces. Large plants in beautiful containers can replace a missing piece of furniture, whereas smaller plants are perfect for finishing off a look in a room. Consider a brightly coloured orchid in an otherwise all white bathroom.

  • Prevent a faux staged look. Plants make homes feel lived in, cared for and can showcase pride of ownership. Everything you want a potential buyer to see and feel.

  • De-personalizing. Swapping out personal items can leave gaps in your décor, a few small plants can fill those spaces; try a succulent or two in place of a family photo on a mantle.

If you’re thinking about selling; we can help with a FREE home evaluation, decluttering consultation, home staging and more!

And most of this can still be done virtually and safely as well!



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