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Organization Projects to Gear up for 2022

The end of 2021 is drawing near, and before we know it, we’ll be ringing in the New Year🥂🍾

The holiday season seems like the perfect time to tackle some organization projects before 2022 is here.

Be sure save this list of organization items you NEED for your home. It’s the perfect rainy day/snow day project!

1. Drawer organizers — the best for organizing make-up, every day products, junk drawers, skincare, kitchen utensils, nightstand drawers, and the list just goes on. Drawer organizers are super versatile and multi-purposeful!

2. Stackable bins and drawers — similar to drawer organizers, these bins are functional for many spaces in your home. Great for organizing under the kitchen sink, bathroom cabinets, your laundry room, garage, and more!

3. Bins and Baskets — bins and baskets are an incredible way to provide more storage for the “not-so-aesthetic” items in your pantry, laundry room cabinets, playroom, office, or closet. (Pro-tip: adding labels to your bins will help you to create a sustainable organization system and is great when you need something specific in a pinch!)

4. Turntables — wood or acrylic turntables are super helpful when organizing your kitchen and bathroom. You can use them for spices, condiments, vinegars and oils, sauces, nut butters, cleaning supplies, hair products, skincare products, and more. The opportunities are endless!

5. Glass storage jars — they look pretty, but they’re also super useful and practical! Cookies, protein powers, baking goods, candy, bath bombs, bath salts, soap bars, laundry pods, dishwasher detergent, sponge.


Photo by Holly McMurter



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