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Survival Guide to Moving During The Holiday Season

Moving can be stressful at any time of year, but even more so with the craziness of the holiday season.

Here is our survival guide to moving during the holidays: 10 tips to surviving a holiday move and staying sane amidst the chaos!

1. Combine your new address cards with your holiday cards

2. The holiday season is a busy time, so be sure to start packing as soon as possible

3. If you typically host your family's holiday gatherings, ask another family member to take over this year

4. Save room in the moving truck by donating items to a local charity

5. Think ahead as much as possible. If you have a fancy holiday work party to attend or gifts to wrap before your moving date, you'll want to wait to box up your high heels, formal dresses, scissors, and tape.

6. Put on some holiday music to make packing feel a little more holly-jolly!

7. Pre-order your holiday dinner from a local restaurant or make reservations to save time and hassle

8. Throw a packing party by inviting your friends over for some Christmas cocktails, appetizers, and an evening of packing

9. Be sure to set aside time to enjoy the holiday season

10. Give yourself the gift of movers!


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