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Things to Look Through at Your Final Walkthrough

When you’re buying a house and you’re nearly at the finish line, you’ll get to do a final walkthrough home inspection of your property before closing day, this typically happens 24-48 hours before you head to the closing table. The final walkthrough is your chance to make sure everything is in order and that your new home is ready for you.

Check for Inspection Repairs.

You may have included an inspection contingency or a few requests for repairs when you

submitted an offer for your home. Did the seller agree to make repairs before closing? The final walkthrough is your last opportunity to confirm that the seller made the required repairs, or that no new, obvious repairs still need to be made.

Check electricity And outlets.

Most electrical systems work on a current, which means that if even a single outlet in the home isn’t working, you might quickly have problems with other outlets. Walk through the house with your cell phone charger and plug it into every outlet in every room.

Check faucet- Turn on every shower, run every sink, and flush every toilet!

Make sure everything runs smoothly and you have hot water!

Check All Appliances.

Confirm that all of the appliances in the home work as you’d expect.

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