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What to look for in a Neighbourhood when Buying

Not quite sure what to look for in a neighbourhood? How do you find the right community for you/your family?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a neighbourhood.

1. Neighbourhood safety - look at crime rates, talk with neighbours, drive around the neighbourhood at night, and check out the street lighting.

2. In a good school district - if you have kids, plan on having kids in the future, or for overall resale value if you ever sell your home.

3. Amenities - is it important to you to have neighbourhood amenities like a community pool, tennis courts, parks, walking trails, or a gym?

4. Location - would you like to be close to grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores, restaurants, work (if you work in an office), etc?

5. Emergency services - do you have health conditions that require you to be near a hospital or doctors office?

6. Culture and lifestyle - does the neighbourhood fit your lifestyle, needs, and culture?


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