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10 Tips for Moving out of Province

Moving just down the street is already stressful, but moving out of Province? Talk about a process that takes a lot of patience and planning.

Generally, the farther you move, the more details you have to worry about. Here are a few of my tips for a smooth, seamless out of province move ↓ 1. Do research on the cost of living differences and budget accordingly. It’s important to know how much more (or less) you’ll be spending on your normal expenses when you move out of province!

2. Make a detailed moving plan on how you will get from point A to point B. Will you be driving or flying? Will you need to ship your car? Do you need to research rest stops and hotels to roadtrip across the country? Figure out your plan of action and be sure everything is booked and ready to go in advance.

3. Choose a long-distance moving company with good reviews. It’s helpful when the same movers pack and unpack for you, so you don’t have to coordinate two different teams!

4. Book an Airbnb or hotel to stay at for the first few days so you have a place to stay if the moving truck takes longer than expected.

5. Go through your things and get rid of stuff you no longer use. Don’t pay to move something across province lines if you don’t need it!

6. Change your addresses as soon as possible. Since you will no longer be living in the area, you won’t be able to go by your old house to pick up leftover mail from the new homeowners!

7. Throw a going away party to say farewell to your friends and family members. This is the easiest way to see everyone at once and to say your goodbyes!

8. Be sure to get a new drivers license, health card and register your vehicle in your new province as soon as possible. Each province has different rules for how quickly you’ll need to do this, ranging from 10-30 days.

9. Meet your neighbour's as soon as possible to start getting connected in your community!

10. Register to vote in your new province.


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