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Our Selling Process in 10 Easy Steps

  1. DISCOVERY AND RESEARCH We will tour your home and give our insights on what will help your sale. We will discuss the process and develop an initial marketing strategy.

  2. LISTING APPOINTMENT We discuss the value of your home, review the calendar of expectations, sign documents and enter into a contract. Then ... your ready to list!

  3. PRE-LAUNCH All of our marketing materials are collected. From photography to lox boxes on your home. We make sure everything is prepared for launch day.

  4. ITS TIME! Your home's profile is posted online. A yard sign is placed on your property. Any and all marketing materials we've agreed upon will be rolled out.

  5. BUYERS PROSPECTING Consistent exposure of your home is spread across marketing platforms. All scheduled events are completed until we reach a sales agreement.

  6. SALES AGREEMENT Once and offer has been made, we will review all terms and conditions and respond as needed.

  7. INSPECTIONS Your buyer will probably hire an inspector to review your home. The inspector is likely to recommend repairs or upgrades and we will negotiate on your behalf.

  8. LOAN COMMITMENT The buyer's loan is underwritten and an appraisal is performed. All buyer's documentation is verified and we wait for approval.

  9. CLOSING PREPARATION The lender's requirements have been met and the documents have been ordered. Closing has been scheduled. We will review the figures and the buyer has final walk through of your home usually 24-28 hours prior to closing.

  10. CLOSING The last step! Documents are signed, keys are exchanged and proceeds received. You may cancel your utilities and insurance, and your yard sign is removed from your property. We are there to help after the sale of your home - whenever you need us!



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