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Where to live in the Bay of Quinte

So, you've decided to leave the big city for an easier, prettier life- in the beautiful Bay of Quinte! This one-of a kind area has so much to offer and so many communities within it. So how do you decide which place is best for you?

Here is your guide to everything you need to know about LOCATION in the Bay of Quinte.


The biggest town in the Bay of Quinte region and the centre for all essentials, activities, and more. It has the most number of stores, schools, parks to choose from and is situated directly along the shores of the bay of Quinte. Although waterfront homes aren't as common in the city of Belleville, there are a variety of ways to enjoy the waterfront throughout the community. Restaurants, parks, trails, etc.

Population: 55,209

Average house price: $557,158

Average Age: 30-44

63% own their home


Trenton has a small urban population, and a large urban geographical area. The population is similar to Belleville but is spread out over a very large area. This is home to the CFB Airbase and situated along the 401. There are many smaller towns throughout the Quinte West area, that Trenton is apart of, that people come to enjoy the small town living.

Population: 44,714 Average house prices: $567,45

Average Age: 30-44 / 55-64

75% own their home


This beautiful waterfront town also sits along Lake Ontario plus has it's own Provincial Park, Presqu'ile, with stunning beaches and trails. This is the cottage town of the Bay of Quinte. There are plenty of opportunities to own a waterfront property in Brighton, which many re-locaters choose to do.

Population 11,844

Average House Prices: 656,130

Average Age: 55-75

81% own their home


A beautiful country village. This is the true, small town big heart community. An adorable village full of great shops, plenty of community events and gatherings and a huge rural space to live.

Population 5,074 Average House Prices: $602,613

Average Age: 65

66% own their home

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